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With your subscription you have access to our Tech Connect team who provides you with the resources and service you deserve. You've got questions, we've got solutions. Feel free to reach out any time.



How long does a lithium-ion battery last?
They last for so long! The average lithium-ion battery tracks about 6500 hours of run time. This is is about 8 times longer than lead acid or AGM batteries. There are even some ICE Scrubbers that have been running on the same battery pack for over 7 years. Crazy!
How is the equipment serviced?
We do our best to track alerts, troubleshoot, and diagnose remotely, through the i-Synergy portal. Should maintenance be necessary, we send a licensed technician to your location to get your equipment back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.
What is the navigation system within your autonomous equipment?
Our autonomous equipment is powered by none other than the amazing BrainOS.
What are the safety features?
For starters, each machine is equipped with an emergency stop button, plus flashing lights to indicate when the equipment is in motion. Beyond that, each specific machine has various specialized safety features that you can read more about HERE.


What is i-Synergy?
Each of our intelligent sweepers and scrubbers comes complete with ICE Robotics’ i-Synergy technology. i-Synergy is a cloud-based fleet management software that can be accessed from any location on any wireless device through our customized portal.  
How can I access i-Synergy?
i-Synergy can be accessed from anywhere on any device connected to the internet through our customized portal.
How do I get an i-Synergy username and password?
You can access i-Synergy through our Client Portal. For more support contact our Client Care Team.
What is confirmed clean?
Through our fleet tracking technology and software, end users can track the use of equipment including days, times, and frequency of use. Because of this fleet tracking software, end users can “confirm” the cleaning has been done and report results to applicable persons.   
What is fleet tracking?
The simple answer: Fleet Tracking means you are able to track your equipment from a remote location, check on productivity, and monitor where your machines are being used and by whom. Our Intelligent Equipment line comes with i-Synergy fleet management software and Whiz comes with Whiz Connect fleet management software.  


What is the subscription model?
ICE Robotics offers a long-term lease through its subscription service. Instead of having to make a large upfront payment on equipment, you can lease the cleaning machine for a set amount of time, pay a set monthly payment, and enjoy the added benefits of continued service provided by us. 
What is included in the subscription cost?
So many things! To start, the Equipment. Plus: Service--you'll experience the pleasant service of our Tech Connect team. They'll help trouble shoot machine alerts, give virtual demos, and help with reporting. Fleet Management Software--access to our i-Synergy software, any updates that come down the line, and all the benefitis of being able to track equipment, such as collection information to make better bids for future clients, collecting machine usage data to support more efficient cleans, and more!
Can I purchase equipment from you or just rent?
Becasue we are so confindent in our subscription service, we feel we'd be doing you a diservice by not going this route. We stand behind our subscribe and save on total cost of ownership mantra. However, if you feel purchasing is the better option for you, feel free to reach out to our sister company: ICE USA.
Why subscribe vs. purchase equipment?
Well, how should we say this, because you'll save money on total cost of ownership, you'll experience great service from our team, you'll have access to regular software updates (and let's be honest, those can be really costly), and you'll gain a trusted partner becuase we have stake if the equipment with you! We're not going to leave you hanging!
Are all parts included in the subscription model?
Almost all parts are included. You will be responsible for purchasing and replacing your consumables at your discretion.
How much are consumables?
Consumables range in pricing depending on size
What is the cancellation policy?
Our subscriptions policy is flexible. If you are not completely satisfied with the equipment you can return it within 60 days--just reach out to your Client Care representative for help.
How long is your subscription term?
Our subscription term is flexible. Typically we offer a 36-month lease, but if you feel you require something different, please contact our specialists for more informaiton and to discuss options.

Customer Service

How long does it take to receive my equipment?
We do our best to get your equipment to you within 3-5 business days.
What is your training program?
First let us start by saying, isn't technology great! We have a series of training videos on our Client Portal, which can be accessed online, as well as Client Care team that loves to do (virtual) trainings. We are here for you to have the best cleaning operations!
How do I maintain my machine(s)?
Ah, great question! This is so important! Please visit our knowledge hub for information pertaining to each machine: ICE Robotics Knowledge Hub.